Diagnostic For Facet Joint Blocks


Getting a diagnostic consultation is important in order to get a customized treatment plan for your chronic pain. Our team will preform x-rays, MRIs and other test to diagnose your specific pain. Our team is filled with certified and skillful doctors to diagnose you properly. Call 502-995-4004 today. 


What is A Facet Joint Block?

A block that is performed to confirm that a facet joint is the source of pain and the decrease pain and inflammation in a facet joint or joints. It is important that you get it check and let us diagnose your pain in order to treat it correctly. 

How Is It Done & How Long Does It Take?  

The patient is given a local skin anesthetic – a needle is then inserted into the facet joint or facet capsule and an anesthetic and steroid are injected by the physician. This is done under fluoroscopy. The procedure takes 30 minutes. Once we have performed this treatment you will find a decrease and pain relief in your back. 

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